Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Vilest of the Vile 
the dirty disgusting
sickening dirty 
bastard snp and their
vile cybernat slaves
(who are under the direct control of the snp
and do as they are ordered by the snp )

Went and spat on wee Dougy Alexander                                              

“In my first campaign for elected office, in Perth in 1995, I well remember
being spat upon – literally – by Nationalist supporters. And, as a brother
, more than as a politician, I will never forget how the Nationalists
from researchers to MSPs and ministers – treated my sister

Fecking cowardly wangers how dare they spit on
Oor wee Dougy the dirty bastards.

Now if it had been Jack Dromey well that
would of been different I mean who wouldn't want
to spit on Jack fecking Dromey...


Although one cybernat teld me he was walking
along and finding his gob gull of  phlegm(yuk)
sput out of the side of mouth just as
Oor wee Dougy and his sis wee Wendy
walked out from under a leaf
and got splattered with green goo

Umm! Sounds true to me

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Cameron plans  to cut the the benefit
of the British peoples  (the poorest in society)
to fund a delay in the planned 3p rise in fuel duty
due in January. A yearlong delay would cost £1.3bn.

Benefits are due to rise by 5.2%. but the Etonians
want to skim the rise to 4.5 and pocket the rest to bribe the Voters
mainly those with gas guzzling cars in London and the south east.

Although The Etonians who have frequently said they would stand up for
the Peoples of the UK against the EU have promised to pay
an inflation-only rise of 2% to 129bn euros.

So the Etonians are quite happy to pay an inflation
linked raise to every foreign nation in the EU
but deny the same treatment to the peoples of the UK.

Still the Etonians are a strange lot as the

`fainting game'


The inquest recorded a verdict of misadventure on Nicholas Taylor, 15, of Esher, Surrey, who was found hanging from a dressing gown cord in his room last month.
Nicholas's friends told the East Berkshire coroner, Robert Wilson, that they had seen groups of boys playing the game - which involved tying ligatures around each other's necks to make them faint - hundreds of times.
The pupil who discovered his body said that Nicholas had been "fainted" by friends almost every night. "It was just something to do," said the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons. "We got a slight buzz from it when we came round."
A post-mortem examination concluded that Nicholas died of asphyxia in his room at the school, where pupils include Princes William and Harry

now  Imagine a group of working

class lads who had done the same thing

They would if all been put into care and their
parents hounded by the MSM and the police
social services etc
The school would of been put under investigation
and teachers suspended.

But the Etonians
"was taking place between boys who are some of the cream
of our society, who are probably also of above average intelligence."

so says the fuckwit  coroner, Robert Wilson,
(Err! no they are actually a bunch of freaks whose wealthy parents
have paid to for them go to Eton most haven't got two brain cells to rub together)
He added: "I find it difficult to criticise Eton College. Yes, they had an absolute duty of care, but there is only so much you can do.

Oh well  that's that kid hung and what can you do

And these people like Cameron and co have been
guaranteed from birth the highest positions in  UK