Saturday, July 23, 2016

Labours Right wing 
( Tossers)

Labour’s real battle is on the pitch, not on the party’s terraces

 David Blunket a   man who is proven to be morally blind
considers the MPs players and Labour party members mere supporters.
considering his money grabbing past i am not surprised at the use of
metaphor. when you consider how overpaid greedy and venial some players
are and how ripped off and used so many club supporters.
the other one they use is the worker MPsare being exploited by the Corbyn

you see the wankers haven't done a hands turn in all their lazy
fucking lives otherwise  they would know they in the real world are
the middle management under Corbyn and we Labour party members
are the WORKERS  which they are not.
And most of the workers and the Boss are in general agreement but
they want to have the control of the party to enrich themselves
so to gain the money they will destroy the Labour party
that fucker blunkett says the Labour party must win election although
he dont mention  the way he would win is to play for the opposing team
and put their ball in the back of the net how is that winning for Labour?

Neil Kinnock and his imposed dynasty have stole enough cash of
the Labour party i mean how much fucking more do they want  

Owen smith  as was said  to me by other Labourites is a