Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nicola Sturgeon's retreat from principle will spark surge in anti-Scottish sentiment

Nats guilty of barefaced perfidy as they rat on pledge not to vote on English-only matters 


Seeing as the English Conservatives alongside the

media Oligarchs are whipping up anti-Scottish

hatred in order to gain power.......

one asks...... 


Perhaps the real issue is THEY WON and drove

the Torys of the political battlefield.

seems to be a misunderstanding by the Tory

minions the snp are the loyal opposition under the

Westminster  form of Governance and its thier

constitutional duty to do so.

After all, how many Scottish voters give a damn about how the ‘unspeakable pursue the uneatable’ south of the border? Alan asks ????

the answer is many decent fair minded Scots or non Scots

what about common humanity dont he understand ?

 partisan advantage



Hell  yeah !

wot only the English conservatives

supposed to win in Alans universe. well the

law of political physics have been changed

and they best get used to it pronto.