Saturday, April 16, 2016

Project Fear Reborn

Problem is look what that did to theLabour party
the Torys are alredy imploding.
If Cameron imagines he will if the in side
win just pick from where he left off before
the referendum he is clearly delusional.

                               as ye sow, so shall 

                                    ye reap

                            They sow the wind and reap

                                   the whirlwind.

                           or he will be up shite creek

                                  without a paddle




Thursday, April 14, 2016


House of Commons - 14th April

Business Questions

There are times when I have to take a step back in amazement at the sheer cheek of Labour Members. Labour spent 13 years in government packing the public sector with its cronies and, six years later, we are still trying to achieve a sensible balance in our public services—so I will take no lessons from them. We are trying to provide a proper balance of expertise, background, gender and skills to ensure a properly representative public sector, not one simply packed with the Labour cronies we inherited in 2010.

An amazing but honest answer from a toadying lying incompetent

You were appointing cronies and now its our turn so
 confident in his vile corruption couldn't even bother
denying the Torys motivation and dark intentions .
and in the house of commons supposed bastion of 
UK democracy in a true democracy ruled by law
Grayling would now be in gaol.But no  its 
business as usual at Westminster.


Monday, April 11, 2016

David Cameron: 'Wealth is not a dirty word'


Yep Dave so why hide it ?????

What disgusts me about Cameron well apart

from everything. Is his habit of shroud waving

using his own family first he did it with his

disabled and sadly deceased son using him

as a dog whistle to say see i am caring for the disabled

which he most empathetically is not .

And  now he cries crocodile tears over his father

in an attempt to distract from the real unpleasant

facts about Cameron junior and not Cameron senoir

(Cunt )




We all know men (conan ) who at home in private

are fabulous fathers and granfathers. But outside

the home are viscous brutal bastards..

does that twat actually think cos his dad  was a

great dad he couldn't wouldn't do a bent thing.


we all go through  this veil of tears we call life

carrying more scars then we like to show.

But being men we bite the bullet and keep

it to ourselves and do not trade on our

private grief .....because we are men

and not Old Etonians