Thursday, June 16, 2011

MSM Propaganda/slur/character assassination

by 4 1/2 year old approx Sun Reporter

Bob crow in the words of sun reporter

UNION firebrand Bob Crow takes time off from plotting his latest Tube strikes - to quaff champagne and fine wines at London's most exclusive restaurant.

communist Bob crow oh! feck no dirty bastard

and note the arrow showing the
crystal champagne glass(to be Quaffed)
they had to do that as most Sun
readers dont know what one looks

he run up a £650 bill

at London's most exclusive restaurant


well not that  exclusive then !

£650 small change to

a sun reporter they

pay much more for

a hacked mobile

he is Millwall fan 
well that just about tops it
then an all round fat money
grabbing pretendy commy
bastard who supports Millwall
fecking millwall nobody likes them
or him 

But he dont care Bastard

thanks for the sun putting us right
to Bob Crow

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greek crisis sends world markets into turmoil

Athens riots and government collapse causes oil prices to 
drop by $2 a barrel and Dow Jones and other indices to plunge

Greeks rioted , the country's prime minister offered to resign and the yield on Greek two-year sovereign bonds hit 28%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 190 points at one stage. Markets are carrying a simple message: we fear politicians and policymakers are losing control of the plot. The long-feared "Lehman moment" – an uncontrolled debt default by Greece, with the impact being felt across the eurozone banking system – suddenly seems a horrible possibility.

Tear the Fecking  lot down 
destroy it all dont pay a penny
back feck the Bankers and any body
who supports them.

From Greece to Portugal to
We may well have reached the point of no return."
I wish  bring on the revolution  now

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Labour Hame

Yep! home of the Unionist bullys
if they dont like yer comments
they hide it away like the bullying
yeller cowards they are...

still with Richard Olszewski
saying things like 

There’s nothing wrong with change that makes sense within 
the original spirit of devolution. Go too far and you start
to weaken Scotland’s place within the UK

Ohh! Dick mustn't frighten the horses eh!
tell you what Dick next time i question
the validity of devolution I'll go and
stick me head right up me arse just like you have.

Personally i reckon they moderate me off
they don't understand working class

Sunday, June 12, 2011

 Cry Havoc!
Let slip the Dogs of war
(Or cybernats)

Beware the snp have unleashed the terror
of the Cybernats creatures so foul they
have no soul nor heart nor thumbs just
one big toe where it should be.

Feasting all the time on the blood and bones
of any poor innocent Unionist who they stumble upon
the howling and snarling have reached a high
intensity. in the Highlands.
They have been moon maddened and are
now let loose to do their worst.
(God help us all)

And being trained in the Highland way
they shag any male Unionist(Ooer! i say) before they
rip their stll beating hearts out..

Here are a few tips to avoid that fate

(1) never blog on a full moon
(2) rub Garlic all over your pc screen
(3)blog in twos
(4)If you hear a low pitch humming noise
from your pc screen  do not lean head
near the screen as great hairy claw will
explode from the screen and rip ya
bollocks right off.

An English friend of mine was bitten by
a Cybernat the last time they were let out
before the transformation took place
he suggested to a passing Scot he
thought suicide was the best thing to do