Sunday, June 12, 2011

 Cry Havoc!
Let slip the Dogs of war
(Or cybernats)

Beware the snp have unleashed the terror
of the Cybernats creatures so foul they
have no soul nor heart nor thumbs just
one big toe where it should be.

Feasting all the time on the blood and bones
of any poor innocent Unionist who they stumble upon
the howling and snarling have reached a high
intensity. in the Highlands.
They have been moon maddened and are
now let loose to do their worst.
(God help us all)

And being trained in the Highland way
they shag any male Unionist(Ooer! i say) before they
rip their stll beating hearts out..

Here are a few tips to avoid that fate

(1) never blog on a full moon
(2) rub Garlic all over your pc screen
(3)blog in twos
(4)If you hear a low pitch humming noise
from your pc screen  do not lean head
near the screen as great hairy claw will
explode from the screen and rip ya
bollocks right off.

An English friend of mine was bitten by
a Cybernat the last time they were let out
before the transformation took place
he suggested to a passing Scot he
thought suicide was the best thing to do  


  1. Hmmmm Niko.

    Was that what happened to you?

  2. An English friend of mine

    Congratulations Niko, you have a friend, I am very happy you have found one at last.

    p.s. I tried to respond to you on the shortbread site but moderation is over zealous.

  3. I used to work in a saw mill in BC where we processed beams for Shinto temples in Japan. Much of the old growth forest was felled to accommodate their religious ideology.

  4. tris

    yeah! twice


    whats the shortbread site???


    Japanese temples zen garden etc very beautiful i say ..........
    Was at Stonehenge once watched a japanese feller touch a stone it was if he thought he would get an electric shock great believers in nature some Japanese