Sunday, June 5, 2011


Labour at 36%
snp at 35%

But will the snp win at inverclyde with all the snp
Triumphalism over their Election fluke 

They should!

But with

57% solid for the union

35%  for separation

The fantasy of separating from
the United Kingdom  looks
as  distant as it has ever been
and with Alex campaigning
for Indy-lite it has

Nae chance!


  1. Result of last UK GE 2010 - Inverclyde
    Lab 20,933 (56.0%)
    SNP 6,577 (17.5%)
    LD 5,007 (13.3%)
    Con 4,502 (12.0%)
    UKIP 433 (1.2%)

    Labour party North UK branch is down -20% and the Scottish National party is up 100% before any electioneering starts. People are starting to wake up Niko that the UK is finished as a state that works for them.

  2. Union, People, Valid.

    No to the SNP sin. NEVER to independence.

  3. Deano

    whatever you mean i support it (umm! i think)
    and what are you drinking seems good stuff to me.


    Deano drunk makes more sense than you sober(apart from when he sings the praises of the English..spits..Conservatives)