Thursday, October 13, 2011



UK unemployment total hits highest in 17 years

• 114,000 more people unemployed between June and August 2011• Jobless rate hits 8.1%• Jobseeker's allowance claims rise to 1.6m in September• Youth unemployment rises to 991,

The Conservatives indulge in their National pastime
rasing unemployment as high as possible to create
a desperate starving  pool of available Labour
to exploit and the discard onto the scrapheap
of life


  1. Well, come on, what do you want them to do? They aren't allowed to torture foxes any more....(well OK, only stupid ones with dubious right wing pro Israeli friends who by co-incidence seem to turn up all over the world just when there's a Fox to be snared...)

  2. Conservatives don't work Niko, everybody knows that!

  3. If you cut public spending, at a time of weak consumer confidence, you reduce the level demand in the economy.

    Obvious I'd have thought...

  4. deano

    The Torys actually believe in and wish to create high levels of unemployment as an aid to keeping the economy competetive.......

    its the cost of welfare they hate if there was no tax raised to help the poor etc the torys would be in seventh heaven.


    this foxy story is nothing bt good for all the other partys.........and now letwin xamas come early for the opposition bet even Cleggy is laughing to hiself

  5. Niko,

    Not sure the Tories 'want' high unemployment, more they just don't particularly care about it as an issue.

  6. Deano

    they fecking love it always have always will...Grr!Grr!

  7. "Feel the hate, let it flow through you" - Star Wars have a quote for everything! :P

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