Thursday, December 15, 2011

The French don't do Fair

France French National Flag

and bully for them
first Nicolas Sarkozy called Cameron
"an obstinate kid"
although in french its spelt


And then Christian Noyer,




Britain (England) should have its AAA credit rating Downgraded before France, according to Christian Noyer, head of the French central bank, as the war of words between the two countries heats up following David Cameron's EU treaty veto. 


see the frogs dont feck about they bang you in balls

straight away.

one things for sure its gonna get worse

and my money is on the French(and Germans and the rest of Europe)winning this one

Britannia may wave the rules

but the French dont even read the fecking rule book.

 Quand le bâtiment va, tout va.

Ya! see this how the french fight youse get the English

guy standing upright and Gentlemanly and the frenchie 

goes and kicks him in the balls  Ouch! (Painful)

I mean unless you got a six foot arm Er! 2 metre arm 
You aint gonna lay a finger on him.

and I heard they have sent their top man
over to seduce Cameron's missus 
 Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé.
(What a nation)

Ed milliband needs to take a leaf out of
the French playbook and then he wont be such 
a knobhead at PMQs


  1. Bang them in the balls and their hearts and minds will follow

  2. CH

    and it being under English law David Cameron if found guilty of Urinating in the street will be put on sex offenders register.

  3. Poor Dave. He's a decent English toff, full of Noblesse Oblige, just looking after us lowly toe-rags.

    I wish you lot would be more respectful to your betters.

  4. Niko, if you think that's a picture of someone being kicked in the balls your balls must be hanging rather low - no surprise at your age and no wonder Mrs Niko goes to the "bingo" three or four nights a week.

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