Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just to cheer up the  cyberNats

From the sunday times poll

And which of the following things do you think
would do most to improve the morale of the
in the year ahead?

The England football team winning Euro 2012

Made me laugh ha ha ha

there you go we are all English now not even British.
well in football anyway
And the Torys yes the Torys are ahead of the snp
 in Westminster voting intentions now

Cons 26%
snp 23%
Labour 39 %   well in front as usual

snp to pro E.U For most Scots

7Look at the following list of areas, and in each       PAGE 7
one say whether you think rules in that area
should be decided by the British government,
should be decided by the European Union, or
should be shared between the European Union
and the British government

The surprising thing is The Scots by around 60%
said  the British Government should make the final

Obviously they did not want not the snp Government

to be the final  decider
Not a good result for the snp then



  1. They think it's all over.... It is now....Oh least we can say we tried, Niko.

    Clearly (because the Sunday Times says so) Scots like Mr Cameron better than they like Mr Salmond. For obvious reasons they like Mr Miliband better than either.

    So we should bow to the results of the poll (regardless of whether Mr Cameron has any associations with that paper or indeed its senior management or not).

    Personally I'm inclined to support France in international tournaments that Scotland miss, mainly because, even if they do go on and on and on and on and on for 40+ years about the rare win, we don't have to listen to it.

    It shows how anglified Scots have become if they approve of Mr Cameron telling the French to errr..... ya know.

    The English have always hated the French; the Scots have always been friendly with them.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing me the bad news. If you never hear from me again, get Taz to say a little prayer for me.... Goodbye cruel world....

    Ha ha ha ha... Made ye look, made ye poop, made ye intae tatty soup....

  2. tris

    The Tory Eurosceptics hate well just everybody i keep asking them just who do they consider as 'one of them.'
    You know like can they give a characterisation of what the acceptable UK native would look like etc.

    They never answer wonder why