Sunday, February 12, 2012

Study reveals average SNP member is over 60 and male 

 and cant get a hard on unless their is a pic of Alex Salmond above the bed

dirty  disgusting old feckers


Yep! the old Bastards club 

bunch of moany old bastards

who take personal affront

over any thing they perceive

(any normal person wouldn't)

as a slight to Scotland

and the only reason the snp

get any support is because

these old bastards bully and 

threaten their family's into voting for the


the old bastard's have finished their working life

and now wish to pull up the

drawbridge and stop the 

young un's having a decent life

just so long as they are alright

feck! you to young Scotland

the old Bastards

are prone to say

  and the very worst one 

is John brownlie  

as the evidence shows

although Grumpy Conan aint too far behind


  1. Just because you haven't got one anymore try stop acting one!

  2. I don't think he actually cut it off CH, he's still far too agressive...

  3. With it or without it, Niko will always be a prick.

  4. This is your best post ever Niko.

  5. Ch

    Boring! boring!


    Coming from a leg-biter from way back i say Ha!haha


    yeah whatever


    I threw down my pen at that its not the response expected damn your eyes to hell