Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plaid Cymru members have elected Leanne Wood as their
 new leader. Ms Wood called for "real independence" for 
Wales after beating rivals Elin Jones and Lord Elis-Thomas.
Ms Wood, who is currently learning to speak Welsh,
 promised to be an "open, forward looking, positive
 and constructive" leader.

 Ms Wood, who is currently learning to speak Welsh,

Yep! unlike the pseudo  Nationalist 
Alex Salmond who cant speak a 
word of Gaelic and refuses to wear
kilt saying only wimin wear skirts

And unlike Salmond the right wing Thatcherite
is actually a politician of the left  and
cares for the disadvantaged in welsh society.

(her hair could be better done though we dont need another basin cut like Nicola sturgeon)


  1. Take heart Niko after 35 years of Scottish attitudes towards independence is still rising despite your friends and allies in the BBC. Some forces are unstoppable and independence is one of them.

  2. ch

    Yeah! in about another 3 hunnered years it might just happen

  3. I'm sure he can speak some Gaelic - so can you if you can say smashing, bard, ben, loch, bog, ceilidh, clan, claymore, trousers, galore and, of course, whisky. Chan'eil thu glic. I like Nicola's basin and would not mind washing my face in it!

  4. Ed Balls Fails To Vote In Commons 50p Tax Motion

    But when SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs forced a surprise late-night vote on the proposed new income tax rates on Monday night, no more than a couple of Labour MPs were among the 22 registering their opposition.

    Labour the right wing wealthy lovers.

  5. Is the millionaire Niko on holiday again and has he given £1 million to Labour for tea and crumpet (not Cathy)?

  6. Labour will be to the right of the Camernob and his toffee nosed party soon...