Sunday, August 19, 2012

Capitalist Media

MARIKANA, South Africa — The police killing of 34 striking platinum miners

34 ordinary Black workers are slaughtered   in south Africa and barely
an headline let alone an article in the media..


Pussy Riot trial

 Demonstrators at the Russian embassy in London.


reported discussed all over the world 

one an enemy of western capitalism the other a perceived friend

34 Russians shot dead an uproar

34 Chinese shot dead an outrage

34 black working south Africans

shot dead and hardly a criticism

many Nats claim a Unionist media 

Not true!

there is only a Capitalist

owned and controlled media


  1. And the capitalists don't want a left wing , republican Scotland Niko.

    Think on that.

  2. Conan

    No they dont want that at all but electing Alex Salmonds snp is not electing a left wing Government
    that why they were 'ALLOWED' to form a temporary leadership of Scotland.

  3. But Niko, surely you can see that in an independent Scotland it would only be a matter of time before Labour won an election (albeit you'd really need to find something a bit more impressive than the current leader before that would happen).

    When that happened, and without having to worry about not seeming too left wing in case you scare off the South East of England, you could actually implement some socialist plans.

    You could build council houses; you could make sure that there was a decent living wage not just for for civil servants, council workers, but for workers throughout the country. The Tories will never do that and Labour won't either for fear of scaring the City.

    You could do something radical with transport so that it was run for people instead of fat cats... In 13 years Tony and Gordon steadfastly refused to take trains or buses back under their control; the result of which is that most people can't afford to use buses or trains (even Philip Hammond admitted that).

    Labour in the UK will never be allowed to say the word socialist, never mind introduce socialist policies. Labour in an independent Scotland could.

    Labour in the UK introduced the ATOS test; Labour in Scotland would find a fairer way of treating the sick and disabled, on the basis that they have no desire to kill them off.

    Why can't you see that the UK is a right of centre construct, and you will never change it.

  4. British company too... typically telling them that even when they are mourning their dead they have to get back to work or they will be sacked.

    Bastards. I hope they go broke, and that rattle snakes (do they have them in SA?) pick off every one of the management in the next 6 months.

  5. Niko - great article. It's about time people realised exactly what is being covered up by the pseudo-celeb shits that control and front our popular media. One wonders who is ultimately controlling the pap that we are fed.

    No need to bring the Scottish context into this. It is irrelevant to the tragedy you describe and will only open up a debate as to whether Capitalists own and control the Unionists.