Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nick Clegg says!

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

YAH! Who Gives a


  1. Ermmmm....hmmmm...uhhhh...pffffff.... well theres.... no, what about... nah...hmmm

    Nope, you're right, no one.

  2. Come on, Niko, he is part of the coalition conspiracy that you and the Labour party want to carry on running Scotland for the next few decades.

  3. Brownlie

    WE lABOUR will govern alone with the consent of the majority of Voters throughout the UK and significantly those in Scotland.

    Who have always lent(between elections) their sovereignty to the Labour party and not i repeat not the snp.Which if the Scottish people chose to do they could they DONT HA!

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  5. I'll try again.

    Who have always lent(between elections) their sovereignty to the Labour party and not i repeat not the snp.

    Not any more as the headstone wearers are stirring

  6. Niko, old chum,

    You must be aware that the Tory - your allies, for some mysterious reason, in "Scotland's interests", involved in "better together" and all that bollocks - will next year cut pensions, benefits, any privileges to the bone and you and your mob will have to agree with them, otherwise the "better together bollocks" will fall apart. Labour, the party of the people, will be seen to side with the Tories, the party of the snobs, and Scotland will never forgive you, far less vote for you. You will be seen as the party who put privileges before principles and seen to do anything for a sniff of the red-seats. If you don't believe me ask yourself what Lords Martin, Reid, Foulkes, Watson and Robertson have done for this country?

  7. Yep, the Liberals sold out for a few ministerial cars, and it's finished them. And you have sold out for Tory money.

    Never forget your campaign is being fought with money donated by dining clubs in the south east of England...merchant bankers, venture capitalists, people who walk all over the poor are paying for this.

    Have you ever wondered why these people are prepared to part with the thing that is more important to them than anything else (money)?

    It's not out of sentiment, because they have none. So what motivates them to give their cash to Labour to keep Scotland on board? Think about it. It certainly isn't because they love Scots!

    Thickos like ffoulkes and Lamont are being bought and used by Tory gold.