Thursday, September 6, 2012


 To lead us all into the land of OZ
 somewhere over the Nat Rainbow

Beware the Forces Of The 


  1. Johann Lamont pic Brill

  2. This is the best thing you've done for years! Brilliant! Thanks.

    You do realise that, in the end, Dorothy/Nicola causes the Wicked Witch to melt away, leaving D/N and her companions free again?

    The Wicked Witch's army of flying monkeys were deployed to no avail.

  3. P.S. Sorry to post twice.

    The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow.
    To Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid?

    Dorothy/Nicola showed them that they were not.

    Who is the Wizard?

  4. What single event made you proud to be British? The last one I'm aware of is England winning the World Cup but strangely no-one ever mentions it at all.

  5. They thought it was all over, John...

  6. But it's a fair question Niko.

    What is it that makes you proud to be british?

    The Empire?

    Being America's junior partner/bag carried?

    Having everything privatised/owning nothing except the crown jewels?

    The Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race?

    Royal Ascot?

    The Queen and her family and their 6 palaces?

    The railways?



    England getting on in the world cup...a bit?

    The House of Lords?

    That thing in London that looks like a melted Tour Eiffel?

    Cummon...tell us.

  7. Being British is just great really really great its like the best thing in the whole world its being Scottish(without the nasty snp bit)English,north Eire and welsh all rolled up into one great big warm hearted caring British person...............its fecking great.

    you dont have to hate someone just because they come from a different geographical area of the UK like wot the snp make you do.

  8. Ah OK Niko. Thanks for explaining that...

    I must be OK though, becasue I don't hate you, even though you come from a different area of the UK... and I don't hate John even though he comes from an island off the coast of the UK.

    I don't even hate my mate from Jersey, although, to be fair we often have arguments, and I don't hate my buddy from London...

    One of my best mates is from Belfast and another from Dublin...

    Does this mean I have failed the SNP and may be thrown out?