Friday, September 14, 2012

Alex Salmond to sue over

topless pictures

disgusting pics at that yuk!

Salmond launched legal proceedings in France

 against the Silvio Berlusconi-owned celebrity magazine 

which published photographs of the him sunbathing topless,





The lad is trying to stop Fat Alex from falling over


  1. Nah, I'd just let him fall on baldy the fat git.

    Something should. The man is a twonk.

    Niko: I told you not to put up pictures of yourself pretending to be Princess Middleton.

    Next you'll be thinking you're Harry, and getting all your kit off.

    Please, think of the poor wildlife!

    Talking of which...what is the botanic gardens like in Edinburgh, and is it free to get in?

  2. Imagine super-imposing Salmond's face on Baillie's body!!

  3. She been on a diet then, John?