Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EU heavyweights call for radical foreign and defence policy overhaul

Five of six biggest EU countries back plans which include pan-European foreign ministry and majority voting to bypass UK veto

Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, who launched the EU proposals which include a pan-European police body and possible army. Photograph: Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP/Getty Images
Five of the six biggest countries in the EU, excluding Britain, have called for a radical overhaul of European foreign and defence policies to create a powerful new pan-European foreign ministry, majority voting on common foreign policies to bypass a British veto, a possible European army, and a single market for EU defence industries.
The German-led push, supported by 11 of 27 EU countries, embraces recent calls in Berlin and Brussels for a directly elected European president, sweeping new powers for the European parliament, and further splitting of the EU by creating a new parliamentary sub-chamber for the 17 countries of the eurozone.

The answer to all the Little Scotlanders
and their vision of diddy Nation which
most people wouldnt even notice.
A hideway  Country locked into the
dim and distant past.
A place so incy wincy everybody know everybody else
(and of course hates each other guts)
somewhere without an Army,Navy of Air force
just a big white snp flag 

and the nats can chat about the olden days
of hunnereds and  hunnereds of years ago
before the English raped us.
and we lived happily in pig shit and holes in the ground.
Then the English made us go to meet all the different
peoples all around the World.
who when we met them in our best Red Uniforms
we stuck a fuck off big bayonet into them
(all for English gold)

 But after independence with our very own toon council
 Parliament (the political equivalent of the steam engine)
 leading us into the 10th century BC.
we can become what the Nats always worked for
a completely fucked up pish pot of a NATion.

But on the up side we would be free 
of the hated English tyranny.


  1. Will the pan-european armed forces be forced to bomb English airports if they are a potential threat to European security?

  2. Have you ever thought about writing stories for bairns, Niko?

    I mean you'd have to take out the "fuck" and such, and add a main character or two, maybe a muddleheaded cuddly wee bear... you could call her Pooh Johann, and she could have a friend called Eeyore Anas, and they could go around muddling things up and wondering with wide eyed curiosity about all the goings on in the world, and then their owner, Christopher-Robin Milliband, could come along and explain how thing REALLY are... well, how they are in a place called Magic Oxbridge, a corner of the forest where most animals are never allowed to go. Christopher-Robin could end every story shaking his head and laughing and telling them how much he loved them, but that it was time for bed.

    What do you think?

  3. Niko,

    Get up off your knees and you'd be less likely to be raped by the Tories as you are just now! Alternatively, you could be shagged silly by Labour and it certainly worked.

  4. Can you get Taz to sign this Niko thanks in anticipation.