Sunday, October 28, 2012

The  Biggest Liar In Scotland
aka Alex Liar Salmond

You cant believe a word he says

Alex Salmond refers himself under ministerial code over EU legal advice

First minister tries to defuse crisis over allegations
 he lied 
about having formal legal advice about Scotland's EU membership

Too late fat boy the Unionist fox has got

the dirty fat snp pig


  1. Tony Blair lied and millions died.

    Alex 'lied' and no one died. In fact no one cares apart from us lot interested in politics.

    In fact he didn't lie if you get to the nitty gritty. Which the red top papers can't be arsed doing.

  2. Niko this is sad, sad, stuff. Just follow your doctor's orders, keep taking the pills and perhaps they will let you out one day.

  3. Tony Bliar lied, Jack Straw lies, Jim Murphy lies, Johann Lamont lies, Ian Gray lies, John Reid lies, in fact it is difficult to omit anyone in the Labour party especially the Scottish branch.

    Labour under fire as row erupts over extent of Trident jobs threat

    The media is going berserk over this in the coming week to show how Scotland has been lied to for decades by the Labour party.

  4. Jackie Baillie says 11,000 jobs will go if the nuclear abomination on the Clyde does.

    The MOD says 520 jobs depend on the continued existence of the obscenity.

    Baillie is a Liar, Liar!

    (Let's hope her pants do not go on fire as that could lead to a more terrible holocaust than the Trident fleet could ever unleash.)

    Niko - are you a supporter of MAD?

  5. Baillie Liar... actually is more appropriate, don't you think?

  6. monty

    Tony Blair lied and millions died. it was their Karma


    and the snp never lie Oops! along came Alex


    fonder member better dead than red duck and cover

  7. "John Brown's body lies..." and Labour counted it as a postal vote!