Tuesday, October 9, 2012


"The 25 Percent Man" 


• Support for independence recorded at 28%

• Opposition to indpendence recorded at 53%
• Poll shows momentum with No campaign


  1. Sleep tight as they'll be collectable in a few years time like most rarities.

  2. Oh well Niko. It's all over. You can relax. The Scotsman says so. Clearly being Greater English has appealed to people more than being Scottish.

    Given the timing of the decline in the YES campaign, and the massive increase in support for being London's chattel, that Mr Cameron's Eton Mess appeals more than Mr Brown's Mess.

    That says something for the popularity of Mr Brown and Labour.

    Under mr Brown's governance we were heading for independence, but since the smarmy Eton boy arrived, Scots have swooned at his unctuousness and followed him without question.

    Or maybe it's all the money they have poured into keeping their hands on our oil money.

    Hoorah for the Tories.