Monday, October 1, 2012

Scottish independence: Referendum should have

 tight spending limits, says Alex Salmond

Too late fat boy the UK printing presses are rolling
off the Money call it the Unionist Dividend

 He said: “It’s rather important to have limits on campaign spending
 and that applies to elections and referendums. 
Why? Because you don’t want someone to buy the ballot.


 Buy the Ballot we are going to buy
the Scottish Nation lock & stock
you best pray long and hard
cos at the end of this you
are Fecking




  1. Awww Niko. He did it for you, because he didn't want you to be embarrassed about running to the English Tories for more finding.

    After all, if they have to have any more £5000 plate dinners they will get fat and have heart attacks...

  2. tris

    Dont bother me i love the taste of ENGLISH SOLE OF BOOT...Lick! lick! Master

  3. Even the Beeb now confirms that Labour are 'One Nation' Tory's Vote Yes in 2014. Or are you going to keep voting for the Tory's till your dying day Niko?