Saturday, November 17, 2012

The lying bastard been at it again


That is about as exact an answer as anybody has ever given in any parliament,”

 Alex Salmond said,

Later that very same day

Mr Henry’s voice as he parroted one of the First Minister’s favourite Burns quotes. “Facts are chiels that winna ding,” said Henry. “Ding, dong!,” he added with a flourish. Then it got serious. Mr Henry asked whether Mr Salmond had made an “elementary mistake or deliberately fiddled the figures”. So it was that Mr Salmond felt obliged to come back to the chamber to give as exact an apology as anyone has ever given in any parliament.

Ho ho ho  

what a knob head
Alex even had his chief enforcer bully boy
Mike Rusell (the snp Gauleiter for south of scotland)
 trying to intimidate the other msps

but it didnt work this time.
he is ony fit for bullying
disabled  College board

Oww ! look what he dun to me


  1. "to give as exact an apology as anyone has ever given in any parliament"

    You really admire Alex, don't you. If only this sort of honest and dignified behaviour were typical of all parliaments.

    Any updates on Wee Jimmy Lamont's guff about the rape case?

    (Note - any response will be secretly recorded without your knowledge and shared indiscriminately)

  2. Did Niko. Did. Not Done, or even dun.

    Anyway, I was going to comment on the fact that Alex came back and apologised to parliament, but I see Barley got there before me.

    When are we going to get apologies from the No team for using figures 10 years out of date for Scotland and up to date for England and Wales as perpetrated by Danny Alexander, a leading proponent of the Blethers Together campaign.

    And of course the bollocks that Lamont talked about rape...

    And Dearest Darling blethering on about being foreign, like it was some sort of disease to be foreign... xenophobic fool that he is.

  3. Barney

    the defendant made a fulsome apology so we let him off and sent him home...........

    That how it works for snp crims


    yes well when i see barley i wiil speak to him

  4. and thats why the rule of law would mean nothing nothing in a snp ruled Scotland.Independence would be the death of freedom those who disregard the legality's cover up and hide facts for their NAT co-conspirators can not must not be given any meaningful power.

    Otherwise Scotland would end up one big prison camp under snp jackboots.

  5. Who told you that Niko?

  6. tris,

    The voices in his head. Prison camps - compulsory identity cards and imprisonment without trial, aiding and abetting rendition could never happen in Britain, could it?

  7. Ahhhh THOSE voices John. Hmmm. I suppose we should ask the doctor to strengthen the pills again... (shakes head sadly)

  8. Alas, Tris, the pills don't appear to be working. I was told, in the strictest confidence, you understand, that he was given some suppositories and for all the benefit he got from them he might as well have stuck them up his bottom. Did you know that "innuendo" is Italian for suppository?

  9. Italian is not my, erm, forte, John,

    I expect you got that information for Mrs Ni...I mean an anonymous source the Bingo?

    But anyway, I sure he probably swallowed them with a glass of water.