Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lord Foulkes accuses

 Alex Salmond of 

'lying to parliament'


 Who do you believe?

The Noble

Baron Foulkes of Cumnock,










Or This shady character

he aint  even had a shave



would you buy a used car from this man 


 I know who I trust










 "I'll tell you later,"




  1. His nobleness is must be right, after all, he's a right honourable and noble lord; a member of the Scottish aristocracy. Surely he would never lie.

    The reason that he couldn't actually be specific about the ways that Alex Salmond has lied and done other things to parliament was because His Poor Old Nobleness must have just forgotten for a while what exactly it was that Alex had done. It will come back to him the the fullness of time, have no fear.

    It wouldn't be that it was something he made up, because he was slagging Alex in the House of Lords, which Alex manages to by-pass with his legislation.

    Interestingly I once had an elderly relative with forgetfulness problems. He drank like a drain, though, so that probably contributed in his case. Of course as the RT Hon and Noble Baron has forsworn the drink since that unfortunate encounter with an elderly lady in the street, and then with some big blokey dressed in dark blue, swiftly followed by some time spent at the pleasure of our lady sovereign, that can't be the root of HIS problem.

    He has sworn of the drink, hasn't he?

  2. It is obvious you did not live in the Cumnock area when Mr Foulkes was the MP Your admiration for him would be less fulsome if you had

  3. tris

    Specificity a ugly Nat word we Unionists much prefer vague generalisations

    Anon The noble lord is a blood relative and a much loved one
    (when he aint pished thats not many days a week but still)

  4. Goodness, I didn't know that you were related to the aristocracy, Niko. Should we call you Lord Niko, your eminence, or what?

  5. Sometimes it beggars believe what nonsense you read on the internet. Some people just do not listen to reason and are happy to accept whatever negative bile the mass media decide to throw out there.

    Foulkes versus Salmond and you, for whatever petty (Read - Labour Party Tribalism) reason, seem to think Foulkes comes out on top?

    Please, don't have children.

    Moments like these I fear for the future of mankind if we don't vote YES.

    Keep up the good work though. The sheer stupidity and arrogance of your blog will no doubt secure a good few more YES votes comes 2014.

  6. I think he was joking Bluetiles....