Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The inherent Racism of the Scottish Nationalist

Contrary to the claims of the nationalist of
not being English hating Racists.
Using the latest sophisticated  Subliminal stimuli
methods. we expose how
The Nationalist leaders are implanting coded
messages in their speeches.
these are able to elicit responses in 
old brain nationalists and turn them against
any section of society the snp wish to eliminate.

Here is an example of how the process is carried out
first the speech with  subliminal messaging embedded.
(colored red to aid recognition..) 
The old brain Nationalist
would internalize the message without recognizing colour.

Alex Salmond delivers keynote speech

Address to Conference by First Minister and SNP Leader Alex Salmond
Firstly Scotland has many friends internationally. People cheering us on and wanting us to do well.  That international reach is a great asset for this country.
Secondly climate change is perhaps the greatest issue facing this planet. The responsibility of the Scottish Parliament for it is almost accidental. It wasn’t even on the agenda back in 1997 and therefore wasn’t specified as reserved in the Scotland Act. As a result it was devolved

 so given that by international acclaim we have handled this mighty issue so well as a parliament, what possible argument could there be that the Scottish Parliament is not capable of discharging ALL of the issues facing the Scottish people.
I also wanted to say a word about Scotland’s late national poet Eddie Morgan. A man whose modesty as an individual was matched by his brilliance as a poet. He didn’t wear his politics on  his sleeve but he has left this party a financial legacy which is transformational in its scope, and Angus Robertson will spell that out tomorrow..

if we extract words  as the nationalists old brain would 
process internally and place in the relevant 
sequence as you can see we get.

t h e  e n g l is h b a  s t a rd s 

expand and reveal the Nationalist
 Subliminal stimuli
secret message


this Subliminal stimuli constantly
repeats and reverberates inside
the Nationalist psyche.
24/7 awake or asleep.

the only way the Nationalist 
is able lower the stress of the
constant  Subliminal stimul.
as in Tourettes like is to verbalise
the embedded words 
loudly of softly. 

they have also implanted
a visual image into the Nationalist
mind so each time they repeat 


Mental Imagery is also
linked to this phrase

click on phrase will
reveal nationalist image 



  1. Go and see psychiatrist Niko.

    Britain today a repeat of history.

    Mind In Flux

  2. Because you are mirroring what you are complaining about and I worry for the safety of Taz living with someone who has a serious illness such as yourself.

  3. Ch

    You have no sense of humour
    At all

  4. Niko you hold up a mirror to the snp/Nats .
    And it reveals their dark places which
    They want to hide from.

  5. total fruit loop
    seen some of you comments online, now ive seen your "blog" (piss poor), it confims my initial conclusion about you.
    What a sad little man you are, you should be seeking help from a shrink because yo sound very, very ill.

  6. Anon

    I agree and so does he

  7. Niko's blog is not "piss-poor" but very subtle and should be regarded as such. His blog is, for a unionist, highly entertaining and he may be completely deranged and over the top but that is what makes his blog amusing.

  8. I have a soft spot for Niko.

    He really doesn't like Tories, and that can only be good.

    Blog is quite entertaining.

    Nice looking bar too. Must visit at some point post independence for a celebratory beer. Will of course buy Niko one ;-)