Sunday, June 9, 2013


Harold Wilson said in his 1961 Labour Party Conference speech

 "The Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing".

well one thing is for sure its not a

moral crusade'

so what is it a vehicle to get people elected
no more no less.You tell them what you want
and if they can cobble together a disparate 
group of competing ideas.To gain some votes
and office (not power) they will provide
what some of the people want. some of the time

"There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader."

is the Labour party maxim they follow now..wee shame!



If Margaret Thatcher is re-elected as prime minister on Thursday, I warn you.
I warn you that you will have pain–when healing and relief depend upon payment.
I warn you that you will have ignorance–when talents are untended and wits are wasted, when learning is a privilege and not a right.
I warn you that you will have poverty–when pensions slip and benefits are whittled away by a government that won’t pay in an economy that can’t pay.
I warn you that you will be cold–when fuel charges are used as a tax system that the rich don’t notice and the poor can’t afford.
I warn you that you must not expect work–when many cannot spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend, work dies.
I warn you not to go into the streets alone after dark or into the streets in large crowds of protest in the light.
I warn you that you will be quiet–when the curfew of fear and the gibbet of unemployment make you obedient.
I warn you that you will have defence of a sort–with a risk and at a price that passes all understanding.
I warn you that you will be home-bound–when fares and transport bills kill leisure and lock you up.
I warn you that you will borrow less–when credit, loans, mortgages and easy payments are refused to people on your melting income.
If Margaret Thatcher wins on Thursday– I warn you not to be ordinary I warn you not to be young I warn you not to fall ill I warn you not to get old.

Neil Kinnock

He never warned us about 
Labour getting elected


  1. Yes, agreed. As a natural socialist I absolutely despair of this bunch of blue Labourites. That sickening woman and her "something for nothing society", is only inches away from "no society" of another sickening woman.

    The difference is that she has absolutely no excuse. It's on her doorstep everyday the poverty and misery that this oil rich country lives in.

    Thatcher could be excused for never having seen it; she can't.

    I wasn't nuts on Kinnock, but that was a good speech and it all came true. The trouble was it was a mixture of Thatcher, major, Blair, Brown and Cameron...and I can't tell the difference.

  2. Conan

    Good one in a bad way a horrid way a sad way what the fuck happened
    on our watch as well.......


    triangulation or more correct strangulation of democracy

  3. I know a guy who had a hand in that speech but had forgotten all about it in the same way that NuLabour forgot all about it.

    Welcome to the light, Niko, good post, mate!

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