Tuesday, November 4, 2014

                                        If you go down the Tower
                        your sure of a big surprise

And then later that day as we toured
around London we saw


  1. I wish the government cared more about the troops when they send them ill-equipped to fight in wars that are nothing to do with the UK. Perhaps that would mean fewer of them would die.

    They seem to like praising up our brave boys and hiding behind the uniforms, but they don't actually want to buy them desert boots or armoured vehicles, or walkie talkies that actually work...

    Very impressive sight though Niko. Did your wee British heart beat a bit faster? God save the king and all that stuff?

    As for Scots voting on English matters while the English can't vote on Scots...well, that's just plain wrong. Ian Davidson for example voting on a matter that will only affect English voters cannot be held to account for his vote by his constituents.

    But we have to remember that when the London government is dealing with a Westminster law for Scotland, there are frequently many Tory MPs there voting on something that is nothing to do with them or their constituents...so it does work both ways.

    In my opinion Scottish MPs should only vote on English laws when there is a Barnet consequential. They shouldn't vote or debate about the actual item, just the cost of it, because it has implications for Scotland. The same goes for Wales and Northern Ireland.

    In Scottish Question, no English Welsh or NI MPs should be allowed to take part, with similar rules for Wales and NI.

    Or we could have federal government, which is what most people want, and that would deal with the problems.

    PS Munguin says that next time you go off on holiday, you should let him know. He was worried about you off in foreign parts.

  2. tris

    yeah it was moving the poppies represented all the peoples
    who fought and died in the great war.
    The sacrifice we honor the waste of lives and the use of ordinary
    people to keep the wealthy safe in there castles we deplore.

    If you are going to have English votes for English laws ( an inflammatory racist slogan meant to cause troubles )
    then we best give England Independence to be an English nation alone..