Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear John Brownlie and his friends

Mea Culpa from Niko if i went to far with my last
post i give my sincere and heartfelt apologies ,
Twas meant as a jape a leg pull no less.
obviously many thought it was in the poorest
taste and so i have taken down said post
and promise not to repeat again.
although in all fairness reserve  my god given
right to wind up brownlie but in a more sensitive way.

Yours in contrition      Nikostratos   


  1. You are forgiven.

    As usual.

    If only Spook was here to give you the punishment you so obviously crave...

    Could you put Taz back on now?

  2. conan

    Taz is snoozing on the settee he is not allowed on the settee
    but like all nats believes rules are for others.
    Spooks is very high up in the sporting world for plebs such
    as us

  3. I'm sure he'd find some time for you, Niko.

    Is Jack Straw a Nat then?

    BTW: Don't do it again, or next time Munguin will come and sort you out.

  4. Dear Niko,

    As a born-again Buddhist, thank you for affording me the opportunity to make up for mistakes made in my previous existence!

  5. It takes a strong character, to recognise they have made a mistake. Kudos Nico.