Sunday, March 29, 2015

Niko's Kitchen Politics 

In the spirit of people 
choosing who to vote
for by the style of thier 

May the best kitchen win


And  Finally Taz in his Bed



  1. Aww Taz wins every time. Hektor used to have two beds, one on each side of our bed, but he changed that when we moved here, he sleeps on the sofa now.I should say Niko he was not supposed to have two beds but I bought him a new one which he would not sleep in immediately and I moved his old one round to my side and then he just got up and moved if he got too warm.
    Now I sold this house because it had a great kitchen, and bathrooms.

  2. Hmmmm. Mrs Niko must have a good whip. Your kitchen is even cleaner than Nicola's.

    I'm always up for a pic of Taz. Sleeping beauty!

  3. Helena

    Taz sleeps on the sofa although he is not allowed to sleep
    on the sofa ever....Silly billy got off the lead tonight then
    run out in front of a car he got a right telling off so he did.


    truth is i am a bit of OCD in the kitchen it has to be
    spotless and i cant stop until its done...
    you'll never get a bug in my kitchen