Friday, May 8, 2015


  1. I think that this is as low as they can go. They will fight back, but only if they learn their lessons this time instead of promising that they are going to learn lessons.

  2. tris

    I always say the antidote to Tory rule is Tory rule thats why they
    are always eventually booted out. Just this time after this realignment the Torys wil be unable to rape Scotland as per normal
    so it being in their bestial nature to rape they will turn more and more to abusing the English subjects. now they may enjoy that
    or finally rise up and throw them out.

    One can only reflect on the strange mind of the English peoples
    to endure tory misrule and call it freedom.

    I obviously now expect Scotland to leave the Union and become
    Independent and have to accept that indisputable irrevocable

    Taz was as ever right and so smug with it...

    The Torys embraced neo lib economics and were out of power
    for 13 years Labour embraced neo liberal economics it destroyed them and now it killed the lib dems