Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A new poll shows Jeremy Corbyn

 winning on the first round 


Will this be the Knockout

punch to New Labour

  12pm  Thursday 10 September 

Labours date with destiny ????


  1. I've just seen a poll (UK wide) which shows the Tories on 40% and Labour on 30%. Just how bad do you have to be that that bunch of murdering bastards are 10 points up on you?

    Corbyn is Labour's last hope in my opinion.

    They can rebuild under him, or they can doe under one of the plastic Blair drones.

    I see too that a pile of people have been banned from voting. How did they decide that and have they given them their money back?

    And one final question. What on earth is Kez gonna do if Jeremy wins?

  2. tris

    9 points get it right..................As I have said before the people
    must suffer and they surely will as we did under Thatcher and
    look what happened at the end of that veil of tears.

    remember better day tomorrow .

    as for Kez the blairites are throwing everything at Jeremy
    cos he threatens there hold on power within the Labour

  3. But she will be elected next week and she'll be expected to have policies... and she won;t until she knows what her policies are.

    So she'll have to rely on the tried and tested (and found wanting mantra "SNP bad".

    We really need more than that from the opposition 8 years into government!