Thursday, October 1, 2015

we love the Bomb



 Job well done



  1. I have a similar photo of my father posing with a fellow matelot in the ruins of Hiroshima.

    He died of stomach cancer eighteen years later.

    1. The death and misery of what was, in effect, a tiny bomb by comparison with today's, goes on and on. There are still people suffering after 70 years.

      It is utterly unthinkable that anyone would use this kind of weaponry that could kill and maim millions and cause untold deaths form cancers for generations after.

      Only inhuman monsters would consider using them. Even pond life has more humanity.

      And suppose one was winging its way towards us, it would be too late to blow it up...unless we thought it would be a good idea to blow up the whole of Poland, or Germany... Would we really think that?

      And it costs money we don't have.

      In the meantime people in this country die for lack of cancer drugs, and shortages of beds. In England they are reducing junior doctors' pay and increasing their hours to make economies in keeping people alive.

      All they have to do to save the money we need is stop playing at soldiers. They are fucking useless at it.

      Once upon a time there was political kudos in winning a war...maybe there still is. As we always lose them these days, I don't know.

      But while Thatcher was regarded favourable over the Malvinas situation, Blair, and Cameron are reviled for their warmongering.

      You sometimes wonder if we are indeed 21st century human beings.