Thursday, October 22, 2015

It is not right that Scottish MPs could have a decisive say on laws and parts of budgets that only apply to English voters
That's why the Conservatives are committed to bringing in English votes for English laws.

Sovereignty The English Conservatives way.

English votes for English laws ?

the answer an English only Parliament and not a unitary United Kingdom parliament
 The English Conservatives clearly want an Independent English nation
(that it seems is independent from all the universe )
They should have a referendum on the what they wish for..

 and Just for a laff




  1. The logical thing to do is to have an English parliament and everything that is devolved to Scotland can be devolved to England, Wales and NI.

    The have a federal parliament for bombing people and being superior to foreigners.


    Evel won't work. There could never again be a PM or Home Sec, Deputy PM, Chancellor, that was Scottish, or Welsh. Of counrse NI MPs are never anything.

    1. tris

      Torys......and Logic......umm ? hows that work
      Torys ...and .....££££££ we know how that works

  2. Thanks for the laugh Niko, and guess what I am the one who cannot remember my wedding date, I have to work forward from my Birthday which I know was a Monday to find out which date I was married on. Well the serious stuff, you and Tris have done all that.