Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nicola Sturgeon And David Cameron
we are Better Together in the 
Nicola before meeting David Cameron

Nicola after meeting Cameron

Nicola and the snp agree
with the  English Tories
and say out loud we are

This post was paid for by the snp and 
Conservative EU Yes Campaign


  1. Does anyone have an idea what Kezia or Mr Corbyn thinks?

    Or will they abstain as usual.

    1. Incidentally I note that in the Scottish Referendum, Labour and UKIP, the BNP, Britain First and the Orange Order... oh and George Galloway, were all on the same side.

    2. tris

      yeah well some campaigns make uncomfortable bedfellows..

      such as the snp and English conservatives

  2. Conan

    many working people are anti eu freedom of
    foreigners to come and take their jobs homes
    and futures..


    Labour is a broad church with diverse views
    and unlike the snp can and will express them
    Unlike the snp who set the dogs of war on any
    dissent on the leaders dictat,
    by the way the snp will be able to raise tax
    without needing to tax all with the same % increase....

    Bang there goes yer fox shot dead

    1. Still a useless power without the ability to alter VAT, Duty, or another large funder.

      But who knows, they may use it to tax the rich more heavily. probably though, if it is a significant rise, they will move their domicile address to somewhere in England to avoid it.

      I'd still love to know what Labour would do, but they just won't tell us. Jackie Baillie hasn;t a clue what she would do, but she knows she is safe because there's more chance of Wee Willie Rennie being Finance Minister than her.

      And yes, it is a broad church, so broad that some of them are determined to get rid of the duly elected leader. In fact so broad that they really aren't all in the same party.

      I seem to remember that Labour gave the SNP a really hard time because some of them were ardent royalists (like Salmond) and some republicans (like Nicola and Rosanna). Also didn't they criticise the SNP because there were some who for religious reasons were utterly against gay marriage whilst the leadership were very much for it.

      I really don't understand why it's good to be a broad church when Labour is at war with itself, but terrible when it's the SNP.

      As for me, I don't mind some healthy disagreement between people in the parties, although I have to say, if you are religious and you will always vote with your religion, then you must tell electors before they elect you that your first loyalty is not to them, not to Scotland or even the UK, but the Vatican City State. (Note, Niko. This was a criticism of the SNP!)

  3. there is only one conan...only one conan thank God !


    criticism of the snp hope it didnt giver you a hernia

  4. Funny that in the after picture Nicola looks happy and Dave looks like he is sucking on a mega Sour Lemon Ball.

    I wonder what she said to him to make him look so sour.