Thursday, December 3, 2015

Its a ..fact many Labour MPs would rather a right wing
Conservative Government than a left wing or even leftish
Labour Government .

Father always said the Labour party are the capitalists
second eleven they were only to be sent in when the
Conservative first eleven looked like losing
their task is to prepare the ground for the return asap
of the Conservatives...

The shenanigans of the Labour MPs over Syria used to
discredit Corbyn and support Cameron only go to
prove that fact . the Labour party needs a schism to remove
the  LabourTorys they wont go gentle into that good night
but that is what must happen if you want a Tory free world.

To Those 66 Labour  MPs Cameron says


  1. Your father was on to something, it would seem. I genuinely believe that, there are a lot of Tories in the PLP, that couldn't get a Tory seat in their chosen area, but could get elected for Labour, thus on to the gravy train.

  2. Jimminy

    Father was a communist till the very end

  3. I always thought that the likes of Tom Harris, Murphy and Wee Dougie were pretty much Tories. Jackie Baillie seems like that too.

    Some others don;t really seem like that, but are in it for a career (Margaret Curran, for example). Some are good people who just can;t seem to break above the Blairites... Johann Lamont.

    I think that Benn will end up standing for leadership and split the party. People will never forget the odious Hammond praising him to the rafters. What a accolade for a Labour cabinet minister. The folk who put Corbyn where he is will never vote for Hilary... at least not now.

    We'll end up with two parties. There will be no real point in teh right wing one though, because they will be rather less spectacular versions of the Eton Oxford boys' party. The left, as long as it doesn't go too wild, will replace Labour.

    I hope these hooray henries on both sides are aware that all that clapping a cheering will almost certainly appear in the new recruitment material for Daesh.

  4. Niko, I think I would have liked your father, he was spot on!

  5. Until he got a seat in the Lords?

    Like the rest of your Scots Labour MPs?

  6. brownlie

    Yep you probably would off like you he had a nasty streak
    but he could when sober see very clearly .