Sunday, March 13, 2016

NO to the snp

 The answer to the next attempt by 
the snp to destroy our


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Never  never never never



  1. A fine role model Niko.

    He reminds me a bit of cross between Jim Murphy and Blair MacDougal...

  2. You really did get out of bed on the wrong side this morning Niko

  3. tris

    Well. I agree he was a vile person but the he does put
    a powerful.....No

    anyway watched Nicola on Sunday politics bbc/Pravda
    oh dear she was well and truly thrashed ...

    Now I see why the snp had to pull out the Independence
    flag once again got to fire up the nats prior to the election
    Cos they will lose some on the back of the GERS report

    Shades of McCrone report there

  4. They may lose some support because the GERS figures which are always a guess, have been spun to look bad for Scotland.

    It's a huge shame that none of the press has covered the truth of these figures. The fact that they were set up to show Scotland in a bad light by a Tory SoS; the fact that, in any case they look at Scotland as it is. I mean they are saying Scotland is in a mess while it is owned by the UK.

    Sad to see the likes of Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie rejoicing in the downturn in oil production. It may make the SNP look bad, but shouldn't their first concern be for the people whose jobs may be lost.

    The worst of them, Willie Rennie, really is a dick.

  5. F*** me Niko, that's a new low; Paisley ffs.