Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blame Me

“I know I should have handled this better,” he said. “I could have handled this better.
 I know there are lessons to learn and I will learn them
. And don’t blame No 10 Downing Street, or nameless advisers,

blame me.

dont worry Cameron we do but why do you in your
fecking slimy mind imagine we wouldnt.
You have spent so many years lying twisting
and stabbing people in the back...
Now you are fecked in your own pack of lies
you attempt (badly) to make of virtue of being
forced due to overwhelming evidence to admitting
yours and your  fathers tax avoidance.
meanwhile slagging of anybody else   caught out
doing what you did and are probably still doing.

Blame you WE DO


  1. Absolutely.

    In a piece of irony that is hard to believe, I got a "Dear Peregrin" letter this week, the heading of which was something along the line of.. Tories helping you to keep more of your hard earned money". Presumably they are going to be showing us all how to put our savings offshore.


  2. Dog worthy. Woof woof woof. Dog worthy