Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To Think Like a Nat


Is disgusting and makes my brain
squirm and my stomach  all sicky.

But watching and listening to
the Brexit and remain  (in which the snp 
are firmly embedded) camps.

you can only grow weary and maybe angry
at all the lies and exaggeration from both.
And the vile scum which are represented
in both Brexit and Remain .
Cameron,Gove and Osborne and others.

In the end you just switch off  and let
all the rhetoric flow over you into the ether.

Obviously I am not like the Nats in as much
of having Old brain structures  more wild
brutes than men...

But one can experience the emotional dissonance
from all the untruth and exaggeration from the
two camps.

and in the end you have to make your choice on
your beliefs and your feeling on what is the right
decision for you......

So in the end you now know fully what the
nat experience  was during their failed
referendum attempt...



  1. Ah Niko, the pain, the pain.

    Same arguments all over again, and who knows what the outcome will be, but whichever way it is, they will have lied to us to get it.

    I used to like the EU, probably firstly because it paid my wages! But I always thought that, as Mrs Thatcher accused it of being "socialism by the back door", it was a kind of barrier between us and the rampant right wingery of either of the two main UK parties.

    I've gone off it a bit since the Greek crisis and the refugee crisis, which they handled so badly.

    I expect that the vote will be to come out. In a way it's a pity that the Out team are, if not being led, at least being represented, by people like Gove and IDS, Farage and Coburn. And that the only one with any charisma amongst them, Boris, lies his way through everything as if he were Nigel Farage.

    However , on the other side you have the thoroughly unlikeable Cameron and Osborne, Darling and Blair.

    I imagine that just before the vote, the Mirror will publish a vow and Brown will make a barnstorming speech promising all sorts of liberties for England. EVEL in Brussels.

    The consequences of this vote, whichever way it goes, will be far reaching. It is a pity that it is being fought with lies and prejudice over immigration adn 80% of our laws being made in Brussels. (If that were true you'd have to wonder why we needed all these wasters in the Commons and the Lords, not to mention the royal brood!).

    The Nats (come to that Scottish Labour and the Tories) aren't saying much about it, because they have a general election to fight.

    I think one of the most despicable things about the whole campaign is that Cameron ignored pleas from three leaders in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales not to have this momentous campaign going while we were running general election campaigns. As usual the needs of the fringe countries came second to the Blue (or red) Tory needs in England.

    It wasn't party political. The leaders came from three separate parties. They just wanted their countries to be respected.

    It was just typically selfish Toryism. Eton boy "I want my own way. F*** You".

    1. Just as well the Tories aren't nationalists [Eh?]. Tory Nikos can keep on supporting them.

  2. Alistair "Flipper" DarlingApril 20, 2016 at 4:49 PM

    I'm for you to see that people with personality issues can have their own blog or website these days. Well done, you!

  3. Alistair

    Thanks your praise has helped lift me ptsd somewhat


    Yer not for an Independent Scotland then ???


    The economy will grow as long as 3 million more migrants
    take over ......Is it worth it ??

    Any expanding population the economy will grow
    but where is the productivity boost Cameron and Osborne
    Swore they would achieve asap

  4. I am 47 years old and have yet to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. That does not prevent me celebrating her 90 years on the throne. The French must be green with envy.