Sunday, May 8, 2016

109 And Not Out

Jackie Baillie edges out  Destroys SNPbad in closest

 race for Dumbarton seat

The Labour candidate returned as Dumbarton MSP for fifth
 consecutive term  - edging out Destroys her SNP rival by just 109 votes.
The Labour msp the Nats most Love to Hate
Well done Oor Jackie

109 Is The Magic Number


  1. Labour will be glad about that. According to Joe Pike's book she was the one who bought all the doughnuts. She'd be sadly missed.

    1. Nasty. Ms Baillie has been a regular post-prandial speaker at our Cowal Conservative Ladies' Lunch Club since she first joined us in 2014 to warn of the dangers of letting the Jocks run their own affairs in the best interests of themselves. She correctly pointed out that we cannot afford to let them do that. If only we had had her like I Kenya.