Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has accused the government of having
 "a secret plan to privatise the NHS" in England.


And he would help them


I never wanted private NHS - Owen Smith

Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith says he never advocated the privitisation of the NHS.
It follows comments he made about "choice" while working for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in 2005.
Mr Smith tells Sarah Montague that he has always believed in a 100 per cent publicly owned NHS, free at the point of use.

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 Will the real Owen Smith stand up


  1. I suspect that he only wanted it to be privates when he could gain from it; and now he only wants it in public hands because... you guessed, he can gain from it.

    Typical Tory.

  2. tris

    yep all about wot i can get bit like the Kinnocks he whines about his past employment being used against him. but why if you are passionate about the NHS would you work for a predatory company like pfizers .
    It about trust and we dont trust him the Blairites do then again they hope by selling
    out the NHS they can make a good living.

  3. But that's the sort of thing Tories are supposed to do.