Friday, September 16, 2016

Alex Salmond: Nicola Sturgeon will hold second independence referendum in autumn 2018 

  and therefore I expect there’ll be a Scottish referendum in roughly two years’ time.”


He says threatens once again


oh dearie me  

 "deja vu," all over again .


 Yawn ! so scared not .

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even Taz

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  1. Given that the Tories have gerrymandered the goal posts, ensuring Tory rule for the next few decades, are you happy that "Labour" are in the wilderness, not able to deliver anything remotely socialist, never mind Torylite. And we Scots have to suffer because of your and your party's("Scottish" Labour) hatred of the SNP, for you looked in the mirror and saw that you were the tartan Tories incarnate!?

    1. I drift thru my world and yours (our co-universe) on a breeze of organdie and buttercup muslin. I think about ducklings and fruit. I ponder the imponderable and dream of The Duchess of Gloucester, my spiritual mentor.

  2. umm ! or we could fight to rid ourselves of the
    Torys thats why i am await to see the the torys crush the workers and the poor.

    its time for revolution and only tory misrule will ensure we have one oh yes