Friday, November 25, 2016


Home to a luvvly cup of tea


On the ship relaxing


The Irish Famine memorial at Boston
caused by Westmonster



  1. Was that Mrs Niko trying to push you overboard?

    I saw the Irish famine memorial in Dublin. My mate and I had tears in our eyes; stick thin people starved into submission by the brits. Worst of all was that there were kids too.

    I've just read a novel, written by an American bloke, involving an Englishman. He is forever banging on about a nice cup of tea, fish and chips and custard.

    Anyway, I hope you had a good time and have returned afresh to do battle. You deserved a bit of a break. You should have taken Conan though.




  4. tris

    One expects the Irish to never ever forget the British created
    Famine(although in the cause of capatlist free trade ) I didn't
    Expect to see the depth of remenberance in Boston USA.

    Still one of the main funders of the I.R.A was from the USA people
    Would They do that now or be able to under the present laws.

  5. Would it not be more patriotic to use one of the Labour Party's "Stronger Immigration Controls" coffee mugs? I think they have a few left after sharing them out with UKIP

    1. The Duke of Starmer says, Get them.out. he isn't talking about Davina McColls knockers