Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The English Torys 
put wind into
the snp sails.


Tory MPs suggest firms draw up list for bonfire of EU laws after Brexit

Michael Gove and John Whittingdale tell CBI companies should outline regulations they want scrapped when Britain exits blocTwo former cabinet ministers, John Whittingdale and Michael Gove, suggested to the CBI business group on Wednesday that companies should start drawing up a list of regulations they want to see abolished or reformed.

they do Stirling work  for the cause of Scottish Independence they show
their soulless inner selves  base evil vile ammoral to the very core...
one hopes they die a long and painful death losing their very identity
in the proccess...

Oh silly me they have already been murdered and thrown over board
after having their throats cut  by Mrs May.

Gove disgusts me a chimera of a man but yet I am drawn to watch him
as he debases himself fawning and butt sucking his parties new leaderene .
how he crawls lower than a snake to try to get back into high position which
he craves with every fibre of his vile being...

Shame is ever body hates him in the Government and laugh at his
well earned predicament .


  1. I see that Mr Rees Mogg has said that we can lower standards now that we are out of the EU. Y' know, it won;t matter if food is a bit contaminated, workplace electrical equipment a bit dangerous, loads of asbestos in schools and hospitals and stiff like that...well, as long as Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster are safe and sound for their super-being inhabitants.

    Of course what his nanny forgot to mention to him was that if we want to sell stuff to the EU we have to comply with a lot of their standards, and if we want to do it in a single market, then we must comply with ALL their standards.

    As for Gove, he's a ridiculous little man, but methinks it's Mrs Gove, the Daily Mail "journalist" (ha ha ha), who really wants to have power.

    Unprepossessing couple if ever there was one.

    1. I thought Michael Gove and his wife were the same unconvincing person.

  2. Michael Gove on YouTube. Grampian TV's Top Team quiz from 1970s or 80s. Total arse then too, trying but failing not to sound like an Aiberdeen loon. Must have bought his accent on HP from Norco on George Street.

    1. Oh yes. Very fondue cracker. Whenever! Mrs zpluggett's husband us a wimp.