Friday, May 26, 2017

Home For Scottish Swingers !

Image result for shock horror meme

Seedy little Bustard

The Place to go for Scottish Swingers
Oooer ! I say
Obviously I like many others am shocked
and surprised at the shenanigans over at
Munguins New Republic.

Openly declaring themselves as  a
Abode for Swinging..

well I never no really I never have
perhaps this gives a clue as to why
the Republic was barred from blogger.

what the big wigs at the snp are
gonna say who knows but I wouldnt
thought they will be happy about it.

What ever next one dreads to imagine


  1. Replies
    1. And you look far from regular. Get a haircut. You're not 15.

  2. Wot ! yeah but I am a yoon and so excluded
    shunned even from the snp nat crowd..
    anyway not my cup of tea..ta wery much

    1. My heart bleeds for you. I recognise the mirror image of Todd from Neighbors. [My ex thinks Witney Houston's cool!!] It wasn't her. It was her sister. ONG. Get it right!!!!! My teeth hurt trying to reverse. I was there trying out a few new styles on the xancas when that snoot bag appeared don't anyone try to tell me Australians are nice. They are human skysh.

    2. It looks like Sister Agatha is on the oompahpah juice again. (RGD)

  3. But we all know what your uncle said. Don't we.

    1. And you're a total psycho. They should call you Joycie Bates!

  4. We know what he said about you.

    1. We saw what the late Charles Kennedy MP [RIP] thought about you. On telly!

    2. If I owned a cat I'd call her Sabre.

  5. I don't know what I would do if my car was haunted. Can they check for that on the MOT?