Friday, July 8, 2011

Taz says

"When you work with someone for four years as I did and you work closely, you do build a friendship and I became friends with him ... so, yes, he became a friend and is a friend."Cameron on Coulson

Your not at Eton now  with your  old boys network and friends
being more important than Nation!  Party! or even the poor old Voters!
(tax payers as well)

says a lot about Camerons moral compass when he believes
standing up for Besty Mates over the right thing to do will
(in his eyes) gain him respect with the British voters.
War and politics have much in common and one of them
is you dont have friends you have allies.

the just  cause is greater than the individual
and if your judgment is guided by friendship
then your not really up to the role of
Prime Minister

So my advice if you want friendship buy yourself a Dog
Although me being a well bred pedigree
am a tad expensive

But boy am I lovable


  1. Hi Taz,

    I think you should write posts more often. You make a lot more sense than whatsit.

    It's said that the root of the problem is Gideon, who pushed Cameron to take on Coulson. He said that Coulson would be an ear on the world of common folk that didn't have the money to go to Eton or St Paul's or Westminster Boys, and so could tell the prime minister what ordinary people were thinking.

    In fact it was because Gideon is really, really ambitious and would do anything to please Mr Murdoch.

    He's been very quiet on the matter, hasn't he?

    I suspect that he's waiting to make any public pronouncements until he finds out whether his master will survive this...

    Anyway, talking about masters, I suppose you'd best go and get his slippers. It's getting on from lunchtime, the lazy old git might be ready to get up now...

  2. This is classic reverse snobbery by those of the hard left.

    Prime Minister Cameron is friends with a man, with which he worked closely and intimately for four years.

    Is it then surprising that Cameron wants to wait to see if the accusations against his long time friend are of merit before he ends a good friendship?

    Get real you two, and stop playing politics with this crisis in modern mainstream media. It is disgusting for you to be doing so.

  3. Blair and Brown etc are equally complicit in paying homage to 'king' Murdoch as are the police all diminishing democracy around the world. Time for Independent inquiries into all three institutions.