Monday, July 4, 2011

Referendum funding 

limit of £750,000

For the Nationalists

For the Unionists

the  amount should be 'unlimited' £££££££

The Nationalists are engaged in a criminal

conspiracy to murder a nation they have

a seditious intention most  fowl!

evil in intend and are in  nature black of

heart  and unimaginably cruel 

Unlike the good stout hearted

kindly gentle loyal steadfast 


some (yes hard as that my be be to believe)

may suggest unfairness in my proposal

but how can one be fair to mad dog no!

the way to treat a mad dog is

to put it down asap...


and there aint no mad dog madder

than a Scottish  nationalist in

pursuit of Independence .


  1. Niko

    Only £750000 you will not be able to bus up many English atavists for that, I can see why Labour would be desperate for more money.

    Just think Niko (ok that was a joke) you will have to rely on Labours Scottish activists, all ten of them.

    Cannot wait for the campaign to start Niko, Ed Winters minus his big dug on the same stage with Cameron and Clegg saying I agree with Dave and Nick and I always have. No socialists here, Labour would rather see Scotland ruled by tories from Westminster than Scottish politicians.

    Lets see them sell that round the doorsteps, mind you it explains why you are so worried.

  2. Niko

    Did you see the Wimbledon final. The only current political leader in the Royal Box.

    Who was the guy with the grey hair sitting next to Alex Salmond?

  3. I'm surprised you aren't advocating that the referendum be union wide Niko. Surely your English chums should have a veto on Scottish aspirations?

  4. Dubs

    Free transport has been arranged courtesy of Cameron and the coalition....


    Not sure if we will yet there are other ways to ensure a win or even more ways to void any potential(and unlikely Independence win)