Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Democracy (London style)
Rule by the people
 Fear of the People



Alex  Salmond sitting around with his snp cronies
as soon as he saw this on the BBC said

'Feck me i want two of them we are going to need it
when we try to rig the Referendum'


  1. No he wasn't, but as you can see your dear Westminster government is far too important to have people protesting outside it.

    FAAAAR too important.

    On the other hand there were 7,000 demonstrating at parliament in Edinburgh and there were only crash barriers.

    Critics voice... it's your choice.

  2. Lord Foulkes has found out through a freedom of information request costing £4.5 billion plus £1.3 billion on his expenses that Alex Salmond has sent a request to the unionist parties on how to rig a referendum. He's been told by the Hootsmon, sorry Conan, that a "dodgy dossier" is available to the highest bidder. They will reply when they employ someone intelligent enough to read the letter.

    1. Lord Foulkes. Biggest expenses of all aristocrats in London. Big socialist. Friend of workers. Tory fat cat drunk.