Friday, December 2, 2011

 Perhaps I am missing something

The Referendum

Perhaps I am missing something but has not Salmond said given more vote yes than no to Independence then the fact Devo Max gained more votes Than the yes vote Would be irrelevant.
As full independence gives all you want under Devo max and more, so from Salmonds perspectives the Yes to Independence wins and its game over for the Union.

A reply

Dubbieside says:
A very good article, succinct and to the point. I would also congratulate Labour Hame for allowing open debate.
Nikos point is easily answered however.
If a second question is put on the ballot paper that question immediately becomes moot if the first question, do you want independence yes or no, the yes wins. There is no need for devo max or whatever if independence is won.
For simplification the second question could be along the lines of,
If independence is not achieved do you wish Scotland to have devo max yes or no.
Looks fairly straightforward to me but then Im not Niko

But seeing as Devo max gained the most votes how so Independence wins?
not on my Maths

No 29%
yes 32%
Devo Max  38%

but then Im not Niko
Nah Dubs your not me

There's only ooone Niko
One Niko
Walking a long,
Singing a song,
Walking in a Niko  wonderland!


  1. Perhaps I am missing something

    You sure are Niko its called brains. Come back to me when you find some.

  2. Ha ha Niko ... Perhaps?

  3. Dubs

    I may need a brain but you need a primer in Democracy....And good manners

    Although you do exhibit the Nationalist unappealing trait of willful self delusion.


    29% vote for apples
    32% vote for salad (containing oranges)
    38% vote for oranges

    Dubs says the salad has it due to oranges being part of the salad.

    But then perhaps his is the self serving argument frequently expounded by 'Extremist' 'Undemocratic' forces of Nationalism

    The baddies of Scottish civic society

  4. tris

    as is said to another snp person

    'Then with Electoral illegitimacy such as you(and other snp supporters) reveal we will be forced to invoke the 'UNION CLAUSE' and Westminster waves the rules (the snp ones) to ensure a free fair transparent Scottish Referendum.'

  5. Perhaps I am missing something suggestion!

    Why do unionists make something simple to understand so convulated and complex?

  6. They hope to baffle us simple minded peasants that just want our own country, CH.

    They use their intellect to complicated things well beyond our understanding

    or, maybe it's coz they is dense and can't explain nothing!.

    1. Lazy bit sit around and eat peanut all day. She sound puv. Pig slot. Ha ha ha. Big bitch.

  7. Niko, my old chum, imagine lecturing someone on manners when you posted an extremely scurrilous remarks regarding my underpants on Conan's blog. They were a new pair that I'd only worn for three weeks.

    I see a complainant to the police from Edinburgh accusing Salmond of fraud and a Labour spokesperson, to cover their backs, stating that it was nonsensical. I wonder where Lard Foulkes lives?

  8. I see that you have Cooncilor Kelly on your blogroll.

    By your company will ye be known.

  9. Brownlie

    only Three weeks must be a record for you and i never said you was stupid.


    He is at heart a good person