Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scottish election system is branded a failure


 SCOTLAND’S electoral system has failed to meet the aspirations of devolution and should be changed to prevent one party(the snp) winning an overall majority, a report has claimed.


Yeah ! right you give the great unwashed haggis eaters an

electoral system and the ungrateful bastards go and 

vote completely differently to what they were supposed to

 and now we will have to it again and again until

they fecking get it right ............

 First vote Labour every time

and then vote NO in any Independence



I mean it couldn't be simpler


keep carrying on like this and we

will be forced to take your voting 

 rights away 




  1. The system was designed to avoid the possibility of one party (and in particular the SNP) from getting an overall majority.

    This was done by making it largely a FPTP system with a large number of constituencies in Labour's heartlands of Greater Glasgow.

    It wasn't unfair, or any more unfair than many other systems, and it was a great deal fairer than the FPTP system which the Westminster government continues to operate, whereby large majorities can be had by one party with only around 30% of the vote.

    It was assumed that Labour would do very well out of constituencies (although not winning all of them) and that the other parties would pick up members through the PR section, reflecting their smaller, more scattered vote. That was what happened in the first election.

    It all fell on its bum when Labour did so badly and the SNP did so well, in the last election.

    But that's Britain for you. If you don't get the result you want, change the voting system.

    Or maybe they'd just like to get rid of the system altogether and appoint someone. It would save money which could probably much better be spent on the rich.

  2. tris

    well its working well for Italy might be better to have non politicians to govern the UK be like a new younger nation

  3. We've already got non politicians. I mean Cameron is a PR man, Tessy May is a mad baglady, Osborne is an overgrown schoolboy, Willie Hague is.... well, I dunno, what is he?

    And Mr Werrity has been planning war with Iran.

    And the world is laughing at them...