Saturday, November 19, 2011

THE SNP hailed victory in the Hillhead by-election 

The North Korean  snp party 
hail a great victory on the road
to independence they say
all on a derisory turnout of


Yes thats right


Although  86.35%
took the view 
none of the above.

Scottish Democracy
and the liberty of the Scottish
peoples is not safe in the hands
of a bunch  extremist Nationalist's
who would claim a mandate  on
a turnout  of


The referendum cannot be safe

the people of Scotland cannot be safe
in the hands of a party so devoid of
any normal rules of Democracy
they could or would make such 
a claim to electoral legitimacy.

Any referendum must be carried out
with the oversight of the Wesrminster
Parliament to ensure a free and fair

Ballot and a reasonable turnout 
The Freedom of the Scottish peoples
lies in the hands of our  Westminster MPs
it will be soon time for them to rise to
the challenge of  the demagoguery
of the snp. 

(any referendum   is not legally binding on the UK government
Parliamentary sovereignty is and remains supreme)
Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them.


  1. Have you any intact blood vessels left and how's the Devo-Max white paper coming on as time is running out?

    We will have a 50% rule Niko giving all those in the cemetery the chance to vote YES this time as voting no hasn't improved their lives.

  2. ch

    No to Devo max no to independence no to Devolution

    Yes to solitary Westminster rule and a peaceful and harmonious Nation

  3. Labour always insist before they take a seat that they have a sizeable majority on a turnout of over 50%. I've noticed that Niko.

    If they think it isn't going to work out like that they manage to get dead people to vote for them, and some people are so enthusiastic they vote 3 or 4 or even more time... The the voting papers all disappear.


    In 2005 Tony Blair was returned as Prime Minister, with Labour holding 355 MPs but with a popular vote of 35.2%, the lowest of any majority government in British history.

    What say you Niko.

  4. Just noticed the SNP vote share was up by 11% with a swing of 4% from Labour.

    Tut tut Niko...

  5. "We look to Scotland for our idea of civilisation"



  6. "Any referendum must be carried out
    with the oversight of the Wesrminster
    Parliament to ensure a free and fair Ballot"

    FFS? You want the fucking Tories to run a referendum in Scotland?