Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the number of people who said they would support 
independence more than halved, 
dropping from 47% to 21%, if the economy would get worse

 Unionists bring Out the 


 "The only thing we have is fear is fear it'self -
nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes
needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."


  1. But as the UK economy is getting worse by the day... and will get even worse if/when the € goes belly up, and Osborne goes even deeper into ordinary people's pockets to save the bankers..who knows what will happen.

    Do you think Ed would make a good prime minister?

    Who is going to be Scottish leader?

    Would you emigrate to England if Scotland became independent?

    (Eck might make you ambassador?)

  2. Tris

    If Niko emigrates could I help with the flitting?

  3. Dubs

    Get yer cartie ready!

  4. No, guys, Niko is not going to emigrate. He will be put into Edinburgh Zoo next to the pandas. We will take our grand-children along and explain to them that he is the last of the species in Scotland known as Labour supporters. We will thrown him a banana and walk, a tad sadly, away.

  5. Brownlie

    Yeah! but I'll have the banana at last

  6. I want to win for the union, but due to an intellectuality coherent argument which satisfies genuine Scots needs/wants/demands.

    The only answer is either devo max or fiscal autonomy.

    The difference? The former means oil devolution and a seat at the Monetary Policy Committee able, and latter is as half-arsed compromise as I shall get as a unionist!

  7. The fear Niko are your Labour MPs who should be what you call all those who break strikes when only 3 English Labour MPs had any creditability.

    Some of the worthless ones