Sunday, December 4, 2011



 Many snp suppoters seem to think the only
the only way forward for Scottish Labour 
is to accept and embrace  Independence.
As standing in the way of Scotlands date with destiny
will leave the Labour party as Political outcasts (Traitors)
in an Independent Scotland
and see them thrown into political oblivion.

Putting aside the reality of the electoral support for 
the snp and thier god gven abailty to decide for the
Scottish people who they will vote for .

What they are suggesting is for the sake of personal electoral
victory the Labour party should abandon any  priciples,
beliefs and morality and vote for Independence .

I disagree the Labour party should stand its ground and fight,
fight and fight again to keep the Union together.
and if the Scottish people decide to reject the Labour party
then let them.
The people must decide and must choose what the future will
be  I will be a Labour Union man until the end in victory or defeat.

  for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions
be brought under snp rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours 
that we are fighting, but for freedom 
- for that alone, which no honest Labour man gives up but with life itself

 Nikostratos  already knows the consequences of his decision to reject the option of a snp homecoming. He is in the process of deciding to choose the other option: he will stay Labour and continue to fight in the Labour War. This choice will result in his death, and he knows it, but he is ready to give up his life in exchange for getting a kleos that will never "wilt." Unlike natural flowers that go through the cycle of blooming and then wilting, this unnatural flower, this kleos, will forever stay the same, never losing its color, aroma, and overall beauty.

 all i ask from  the Nationalist hordes bestial in nature though they are

is a beautiful death.


  1. As to your last paragraph ramble does it carry the same guarantee as you offered in self harming last time, nah just empty promises like the empty kitty that your last boss left worthless.

    1. That's all very well but my neighbour Mrs Groat was worried sick that her nephew was going to visit her for a weekend with that so-called wife of his and that pair of brats. All is well. She popped in this morning and she's delighted because her nephew had just phoned and the "wife" has the measles. Halleluya. As Mrs Groat herself said, "There'll be no sign of those whack-doodlers for a good spell now".

  2. "What they are suggesting is for the sake of personal electoral
    victory the Labour party should abandon any priciples,
    beliefs and morality and vote for Independence ."

    Nothing new there, except the word independence.

    I didn't think it had any principles left to abandon, unless you're talking a bout the Glasgow Council's fondness for helping itself to loads of dosh....

  3. What I fail to see, in honesty, is why so are so fond of the union. The union means England. It means Tory government (or Labour government when Labour apes Tory policies and sells them to people of the South East of England.

    The fact that we are in the mess that we are in is testament to Labour trying to prove that it was more Tory than the Tories... Hold back the bankers by regulation? Certainly not. New Labour loves bankers and hates construction workers.

    Boom like there's never been before. Massive profits, massive bonuses...Loadsamoney. Mrs Thatcher must have wet herself with excitement and sent Mr Blair a blue suit and some blonde hair dye.

    And Blair went to war whenever a Neo-con president told him to and lied through his teeth to justify it and the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, not to mention Afghans and Brits.

    The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

    That's the Labour you have to have in the union, Niko, because any other kind of Labour, like the one that represents the poor and the downtrodden, the flat caps of 'udderfield and Rotherham, Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly don't decide who sits in No 10.

    Do you not see that Labour would be in a commanding position in Scotland, and the Tories would be a minority. We wouldn't have this crap we are having now with bosses getting 49% rises and workers getting 0%. And people starving and living on the street.

    That's a reason for voting for Scotland.

  4. tris

    au contraire mon frère the fact is the Conservative Scottish would over time regain there ascendancy.

    The future in an Independent Scotland is a Conservative one all the snp pretendy 'Progressive' policies are mimicked from the Labour party.
    And the overall justification for them in a Independent Scotland is the belief they can be paid for out of the 'OIL' money.
    Thus avoiding the imposition of fair taxes on the most wealthy whom the snp wish to woo for Independence.
    so we can see from first principles the snp are not a left leaning party just using that notion to gain votes from Labour supporters.

    just give me one policy the snp have put forward
    which can be seen take from those at the top to redistribute to those more deserving.

  5. No worng Niko. Yes, before Thatcher the Tories did have some seats in Scotland but they were never that big. Glasgow saw to that. Labour, Labour, Labour.

    And if they got rid of the mother Labour ship in London they could go back to proper Labour party policies... albeit that they would ahve to update them to move with the times. No one wears flat caps to work anymore.

    I'd suggest that local income tax would have meant that my pensioner mum would have paid nothing in local taxes instead of the £1,000 plus she pays now. (£20+ a week savings)

    While the bloke who loves in the big house up the road would have seen his income tax rise sharply.

  6. Niko, the news of your impending demise, although welcome, is, I suspect, another Labour promise that is bound to be broken.

    Seriously, can you think of any principles, beliefs and moralities that your Labour party has not already abandoned. While you're at it can you think what benefits Lords Martin, Foulkes and the rest of them are to the Labour party and by extension to Scottish society? I've tried and I'm struggling.

  7. Niko

    So you think a tax on being sick is a fair tax? Maybe thats why Brown called prescription charges an immoral tax on the sick.

    Mind you that was when he was in opposition, when chancer of the exchequer he increased the immoral tax every year.

    Personally I would rather see 20 people who could afford their medicine getting it free rather than one person who desperately needs the medicine but cannot afford it doing without it.

    Thats why I am a member of the human race and you are a member of the Labour party.

  8. Dubs

    reading things upside down as usual......How does letting the wealthy who can afford to pay towards the cost of their medicine have it for free.

    the money collected from the wealthy could be used to fund other medical intervention for those on lower incomes.

    Dear John

    well they haven't joined the snp so there is some morality in Scottish Labour.


    you cant come up with on active policy can you?? er no you cant I declare meself the winner

  9. erm... off the top of my head

    Free bus passes (unlike England)

    Woops. You just lost.

  10. Niko,

    How many prescriptions would the expenses of Lords Martin, Reid, Foulkes, Watson, Robertson, McConnell, Stephens etc etc etc pay for?

    Did you know Foulkes was on the "intelligence" committee? - whoever appointed him had a keen sense of irony? Did they not know that he's a Hearts supporter?

  11. Niko

    Try to keep up. One of the main reasons that it was better value to make all prescriptions free was that the cost of administration for all the different exemptions and managing the season ticket etc was almost as much as the cost of the prescriptions.

    The noise you hear is Keir Hardie turning in his grave at the thought of anyone who thought that they were a socialist wanting to tax the sick for no other reason than they were sick. What next Niko will Labour want kids to leave school at 12 just like the old days. Maybe they could clean chimneys.

  12. dubs

    Sophistry and not very well done either.

  13. Niko

    You are not making sense. No change there then.